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STOP Trying to "Figure it Out" All On Your Own!
Get the Support and Step-by-Step Training You Need to Succeed
Look, if your business was already where you want it to be, where you know it can be, you wouldn't be reading this page right now.  So, knowing that you've got bigger dreams and goals, let's have an honest chat about how to get you there, okay?
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P.S.  This offer comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee.  If you join and it's not a great fit, just let me know and I'm happy to refund your investment.

P.P.S.  Scroll down the page to find out more about what's included in the Insider Club...

P.P.P.S.  Our current "big project" (we've always got some sort of fun marketing project happening for the group) is a collaborative ebook!  If you've thought about publishing an ebook but the idea of writing all that content, editing, formatting, and then figuring out how to get it on Amazon felt overwhelming... well, join us and get your submission in!  It's super simple to participate and there's no fees for active Insider Club members.  

Imagine - you can finish 2017 as an officially published author sharing your business with the world on Amazon - wouldn't that feel great?!
Step 1: Get Clear, Create Your Plan, Connect with Community
A.K.A. "Cookie Cutter" Blueprints (and Systems and Shortcuts) End Here
I've had enough of watching smart, talented, gifted entrepreneurs who have amazing value to share with the world, get STUCK because they're trying to follow some "cookie cutter" system to build a funnel, get traffic, and make sales.

If your business isn't where you want it to be yet, it's not your fault.  

We both know it's easier to sell you a "system" that's a "business in a box" than it is to actually stop and look at what you need.  

And, it's easier to follow that and hope you're making progress than it might be get to the heart of it.

Yes, I can give you step by step, checklists, worksheets... all the things that make taking action easier.  And I will.  But not until we know what you need and why!

See... I don't do cookie cutter.  Period.

That's why before ANYTHING else, you and I are going to get on an actual one-on-one call (well, a Zoom with video, technically)...
The foundation of the Insider Club community begins with a PERSONAL ONE ON ONE SESSION with me.  

I'll answer your most burning questions, and help you solve your most frustrating problems.

We'll connect on Zoom (so we can see each other, screen share, etc as needed) and go through where you're at in your business right now, where you really want to be, and what's stopping you.  

Then I’ll walk you through the process of figuring out what the EXACT next 3 moves should be for you. 

Guidance.  Clarity.  Direction.  
Then once you've got your plan in place, you'll have the support you need in the community to take action and get it done!

Lack of connection is one of the toughest parts of being an entrepreneur. 

There’s no one at the desk or table next to you to bounce ideas off, get feedback from, or have a “coffee break” moment of “aha”.

The Insider Club Facebook group is a members-only, safe space. 

You’ll get the connection you crave, with other entrepreneurs who care and want to help.

Pop in to ask for support, look for resources, share your latest blog post or special offer, find promotional partners, or just connect during that 5 minute coffee break you managed to sneak into your day.
Coffee & Community?
Support and encouragement from people who "get" it - is just a message away.
Step 2: Get Exactly What You Need Next
A.K.A. Choose Your Own Adventure
Remember those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books from when we were kids?

The ones where YOU got to decide where to go next?

It's easy to get lost in the "forest" of online business... and feel like you've got to learn 3,287 new things at once.

You don't.  That will keep you stuck and spinning around like a hamster on a wheel...

Instead, you need a system that allows you to easily make the right choice to focus on exactly what will get you on the right path towards your goals!  
So, once you've got your next 3 moves clear after our one-on-one call, and know which pieces of your business need your focus... then you can dive into the trainings and resources inside the Insider Club.  Because, unlike other programs, it's designed for you to pick and choose just what you need next so you can stay focused and get results!).
The Core "Business Basics"
This series will help you fill in any "gaps" in your business foundation so you've got something solid to finally build big on!
Core 1:
Your Transformation
Unique "brainwave" exercise that allows you to deeply understand your audience's problems and visions.

This is the secret to creating valuable offers and solutions they're excited about.
Core 2:
Your Signature System
What's truly unique about you and your process? 

Define the steps you guide clients through for success and how you can use this to stand out and get noticed as a trusted authority.
Core 3:
Your Profit Path
You aren't a sugar cookie. 

Stop trying to fit into cookie cutter funnels and money models that don't work for you or your clients. Zero in on what options are best for YOU.
Core 4:
Your Infinity Funnel
Discover why the traditional funnel model isn't working as well for you as it could be...

And the exact simple shift that will make you (and your clients) fall in love with your funnel.
Core 5:
Your Online "Hub"
How's your online presence working for you? 

Create a plan for your website, blog and social media to get you targeted traffic who are looking for your products/services.
Core 6:
Your "Reach-Grower"
Action plan time!  Step by step design a custom plan to grow your reach

How to grow your mailing list (get more subscribers) and build your social media presence, too!
Core 7: 
Your Messaging
Are your words connecting with your ideal, perfect-fit clients so they can't wait to hire or work with you?  

Get your messaging so crystal clear that you become irresistible to perfect clients.
Core 8: 
Your Solid Foundation
Let's put the pieces together into a single, simple plan...

What to do, in what order, to get to the goals you've set - and beyond - so you can do what you love and help more people!
Beyond the Basics - Focused Solutions
Once you've got your "Core Foundation" solidly in place, it's time to look at exactly what support you need.  It could be blogging, it could be social media... maybe it's speaking on stage or networking... and the Insider Club's got the guides and answers for you.
On-Demand Library
It's like Netflix for your online business!

When you’re stuck or ready to learn a new skill, you can login and search by keyword. Find exactly what you need in the library – right then.
Online Empire A to Z
In this 12 episode series you'll discover foundational trainings for those just getting started in business...

Starting from how to identify which of your passions you can build a business around!
Guest Experts
The Insider Club invites guest experts in monthly to share training and support on topics voted on by the members from speaking on stage to selling on webcasts and more.  What would YOU like to learn?
Weekly Archives
Every week we gather LIVE to look at what's new, what's trendy and answer the pressing group's pressing questions.   They're all archived for easy on demand access when it's convenient for you!
(Exclusive!)  Plus... Get the Magic of Lingo Dynamics
You simply CAN'T get access to these tools anywhere else but the Insider Club.  Why?  Because I invented the Lingo Dynamics concept and had these tools custom built just for us!

If you don't know about these tools yet... you're going to LOVE how easy they make it for you to...
  •  Discover your own feel-onym word clouds with the Feel-onym Machine, to show your audience you understand them and help them quickly see the possibilities and value you deliver when they work with you!
  •  Zero in on exactly what to share that your audience won't be able to resist with the Get Ideas tool...
  •  Dial in precisely what words to use in your hook-lines so your clicks and opens skyrocket with the HookLine Dynamic App...
The Lingo Dynamics tools are powered by a database of 34,000+ English words, rated by thousands of people on the "3 Es" (excitement, positive/negative emotion, and empowerment).  With that data we can calculate and measure how our words will cause our audience to feel.  Allowing us to create more powerful blog post titles, email subject line, sales page headlines, and so much more!
HookLine Dynamic Premium
"Get Ideas" Tool Plus
Feel-onym Machine
Step 3: Get Out There!
A.K.A.  Are You Ready for Your Close Up?
As a member of my Insider Club, it's my personal mission to help you get in front of more potential clients, so you can grow your business faster and help more people - and inside the Insider Club you'll find lots of opportunities available including...
     * A premium listing in the publicly-viewable Insider Club members directory of recommended businesses (promote your products or services, including a live link)

     * The opportunity to be featured in Club training webinars, live and/or archived for all our members

     * Invites to participate in monthly group promotions including... list building giveaways, telesummit series, collaborative ebooks, and more

     * Possibility of being featured on my award-winning blog,, or on my podcast, The Art of Giving a Damn

Oh, and you'll get a member logo you can add your website (and link to your directory listing if you'd like) to add a bit of a credibility boost!
Are You Ready to Take the Next Smart Step in Your Business?
You might be wondering, "I can only imagine how much this costs a month!"

Well, let's chat about that for a moment...

A personal call with me, I don't usually even offer outside of VIP days, or my mastermind groups...

And the LingoDynamics tools... well, between us, I got venture capital to build those, cause it wasn't cheap...

I could add up all the "suggested price" of everything I've included.  But you've seen that done and that doesn't actually help since it's not about what I could charge - it's about how what's included can HELP YOU get to SUCCESS in your business faster, right?


What's the value of trainings at your fingertips from someone who's been there, done that, actually gets it, and who can explain it clearly for you? 

What's the value of no more "STUCK" moments where you just want to throw your hands in the air and give up?

And what's the value to your business if you could bring in just ONE new client a month (and that new client is so happy they refer a friend the next month, who refers another friend the month after that)?

How about less than the cost of a pizza and movie night with your family?

You don't even stop and think twice about ordering those pizzas and hitting the button to stream the a new movie on Amazon.

And we both know how important your business is - if you want to keep being able to have pizza and movie nights, right?

You get access to EVERYTHING listed above (plus some secret surprises that aren't) for only $127 for a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP.

With all the value packed into the Insider Club, including a personal call with me, this is not something I can offer forever (my calendar stays pretty full, that's why you'll see this offer open and close).

So I hope you'll seriously consider this offer today, before I need to close membership again.

Actually… I hope you’ll do more than consider it. I know in my heart this will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make inside your business

So let’s get started. Just go ahead, right now, and click on THIS LINK. It will take you to a secure order form. 

Your membership will be processed immediately, and you'll get access to all trainings in the Insider Club, the Lingo Dynamics tools, and the community.

Plus a few special gifts I haven't announced on this page... and other secret goodies, too!  ;)

Click the big orange button below to join us and find out what else is waiting for you...
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P.S. However you found your way here... there's a reason. Trust your intuition.

I can’t wait to work with you inside the Club and watch your business transform into everything you know deep down inside it can and should be so you can make a bigger difference, help more people, and create a profitable business you love.  

Click here and get started now for only $127 lifetime access. >>

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